Choosing The Right Kind of Drapery Hardware for Your Home

Different drapery styles bring in different touch to uplift and change the way your house appears. With draperies in the picture, comes the concept of rods where it has witnessed a range of various different materials to match the quality and material of the drapes itself. Tab top draperies have been the most popular and they still continue to top the market above one and all. Next in the popular lies are the ripple-fold draperies that have made their way into the market with full swing. Both the types of draperies demand special type of rods; traverse, curlier and straight fittings. Each drapery demands a special type of rod ad hence it forms an integral part of the drapery hardware.

Opening and closing of the drapes

Traversing your draperies; in other words the frequent opening and closing of draperies is something that requires a special treatment. The curtain rods that have special chords allow the opening and closing of curtains. The rods which are traverse opens from the middle and they can be also opened from one side or the other.  The way you draw your curtains speaks a lot about the kind of draperies you choose and the drapery hardware that comes with it. You will have to define and know three basic things when it comes to drapery hardware; projection, clearance followed by the return. No matter how easy they sound the right kind of projection and return is the sense of smooth functioning drapery hardware. These days you will find an array of decorative material that have made its entry into the market that includes wood, stones and decorative jewels which can turn your windows into the most attractive place inside your living room.

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